26 May 2022

Ecommerce copywriting (in sustainable fashion): the 2022 complete guide

If you are looking to generate more qualified traffic to your ecommerce, increase your online sales and your income, this complete 2022 guide of copywriting for e-commerce is for you!

Ecommerce copywriting (in sustainable fashion): the 2022 complete guide

If you are looking to generate more qualified traffic to your ecommerce, increase your online sales and your income, this complete 2022 guide of copywriting for e-commerce is for you!

Why do we devour some books with passion while others bore us from the first pages? What is the difference ?
The answer is simple: word choice and writing style. And this is the very principle of copywriting.

If you are looking to generate more qualified traffic to your ecommerce, increase your online sales and your income, this complete guide to copywriting for ecommerce is for you!

What does copywriting mean exactly?

Définition du copywriting

Copywriting is the practice of writing a text to inform, inspire or persuade your readers.

Copywriting is an essential technique to implement to increase sales and conversions in your eCommerce. Copywriting is the choice of words that will make your brand identity resonate, set you apart from your competitors, and persuade your customers to buy your products. 

NB: ecommerce copywriting goes far beyond product descriptions. It includes all the texts that your brand publishes online: About page, mission, values, blog posts, social media posts, online advertisements, newsletters, etc.

The importance of copywriting for your ecommerce, or why you should use it

Your texts are related to your marketing. Put another way, the choice of your words will have a direct effect on your communication and therefore on the growth of your online store.

Indeed, a good copywriting agency will allow you to:

  • Speak authentically to your consumers;
  • Make them want to discover and buy your products thanks to a convincing speech, emphasizing the benefits they bring;
  • Transmit emotions and the values of your brand.
Impact du nombre d'articles de blog publiés sur le trafic organique
Source: Neilpatel.com

Here are the main benefits you will get from implementing good ecommerce copywriting:

  • Better conversion rates;
  • More engagement for your publications on the social networks;
  • Increase in your organic and paid traffic;
  • Gain of brand awareness thanks to the publication of relevant content for your audience.

The keys of copywriting for your (fashion) ecommerce

How to implement quality copywriting, improving your ecommerce marketing results (sales, conversions, traffic, subscriber numbers, etc.)?

Here is our checklist of the best copywriting techniques for sustainable fashion ecommerce.

1) Start by clarifying who your customers are, what their needs are, and then write for them

One of the most important points of copywriting for ecommerce is to write your texts with your customers in mind. This means that before moving on to writing, the copywriter must understand the consumers he is talking to: their needs, doubts, fears, motivations, etc.

So to do that, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my target customers looking for? What is important to them?
  • How do they decide to buy
  • What is my promise, or in other words, what will they get or feel after using my products?

To answer these questions, you will need to collect information on your customers (market research, Google searches, comment mining on blogs and specialized accounts, detection of elements of language, customer surveys, etc.).

2) Transmit your brand identity with your texts

Authentic copywriting is copy that reflects the personality of the brand. A personality that stands out from competitors and with which customers can relate.

By clearly defining your brand identity, you clarify key elements for your copywriting strategy: the personality of your brand and your brand voice. In other words: how your brand speaks and writes so that your readers feel close to it.

Do you know:

  • What do you want to be for your readers?
  • How do you want them to feel after reading you?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

3) Work on compelling and clear headlines that grab attention

Make sure to particularly work on the titles of your home page, with texts and an attractive design. Again, focus on the benefits and the experience that your brand brings to your customers.

4) Tell a good story

Highlight how, by buying your products, your customers can live their dreams, their desires for accomplishment and transformation. Talk about the value you bring to your customers, before talking about your brand and your products.

Moreover, humanize your sustainable fashion brand. Explain its why, its mission. Tell how your life trajectory led you to create your fashion brand.

5) Clarify your unique value proposition

Exemple technique compywriting ecommerce mode durable
Mimoke makes its value proposition visible in its Home Page

Your Unique Selling Proposition should answer the following question: why should someone buy your products now?

Is it for the quality of your textiles, for the design of your pieces, for your eco-responsible commitment, your impact on the local economy, etc.?

Let’s take an example of a concrete Cottn Markeitng business case: the online store of high ethical jewelry Mimoke. From the top of its homepage, the brand highlights its value proposition: Lab-Grown Diamonds, a choice that is much more eco friendly and affordable than traditional diamonds.

6) Structure your product page carefully: it must attract, connect, convince and guide visitors to your online store

The product page is the cornerstone of the online shopping experience. It replaces the physical contact that occurs in an offline store and therefore must be its perfect substitute. 

In synthesis, your product page must:

  • Be clear, precise and attractive.
  • Answer precisely to all possible questions from your customers.
  • Explain why your customers should buy this product now. To do this, highlight the benefits and emotions rather than talking about product characteristics.
  • Have unique content to optimize your SEO.

7) Use readable CTAs that stand out on all pages (this is also a key principle of web design).

With your CTA button, you have to clearly show how to take action, what will happen once they place the order. Your text must be clear and avoid any confusion, otherwise your consumers will not buy.

Conseils copywriting pour ecommerce de mode
The dark-colored "Add to cart" CTA stands out on the Be Flamboyant product page

8) Use the AIDA formula for your blog articles, newsletters, advertisements, landing pages, etc.

AIDA means: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. 

Its principle is as follows:

  • Attract the attention of your readers, with a question or a numerical data.
  • Keep them interested with interesting facts.
  • Make them really want to buy it by speaking their language and emphasizing THE reason that will make them want to buy your product (your USP, see item #5).
  • Ask them to take the exact action you want, with a clear CTA (see item #7).
This is how AIDA formula actually looks like

Copywriting in sustainable fashion eCommerce

The mission of ecommerce copywriting in the sustainable fashion industry is to explain in words the objective characteristics of a garment. It also explains how this garment can be called “sustainable” and, on the other hand, makes it desirable. It’s not always easy and that’s why many fashion brands hire a copywriter. Copywriting in fashion therefore has a clear commercial vocation. Not only does it inform, but above all it enhances a product and will encourage the reader to perform a specific action such as adding the product to the basket.

Moreover, with the rise of sustainable fashion brands and greenwashing practices by some, consumers are becoming better informed and demanding maximum transparency. They want to understand the origin of the raw material, the manufacturing processes, the working conditions of the employees, etc. Faced with this trend, copywriting in sustainable fashion must be particularly neat, clear and authentic in order to inspire confidence and stand out from dishonest brands that are riding the wave of sustainability.

3 examples of ecommerce copywriting applied to the sustainable fashion sector

Mimoke: ethical fine jewelry brand that educates its consumers about lab-grown diamonds and their positive impact for people and the planet.

We accompanied Mimoke in the drafting of all its ecommerce texts. We determined with the client that one of its differentiating elements was its specialization in the Lab-Grown Diamond.

The brand’s objective was to demonstrate its diamond expertise and reliability to its potential buyers, mostly demanding men, looking for an authentic, high quality and durable engagement ring. We have therefore developed clear, precise and concise texts to democratize a scientific subject, the lab-grown diamonds. We also used a tone that was both friendly and direct, inspiring confidence. Finally, we have illustrated the texts with infographics to visually represent the advantages of the diamond created in laboratory.

Contact us to learn more about this Case Study.

Specialized copy on Lab-Grown Diamond by Mimoke

Blue Banana: a product sheet that tells a story and highlights what is important to its customers: the experience of adventure and contact with nature.

Blue Banana transmits the notion of adventure and self-transcendence

Ecoalf, the brand committed to the planet, establishes its credibility by providing transparent information on its recycled and eco-responsible materials.

Ecoalf has developed a page called “RECYCLED MATERIALS” to provide information on the textiles it uses and their positive environmental impact. Its texts use precise scientific terms and data to reinforce its credibility. In addition, the brand added photos and short videos to boost the reading of this serious content and make it more accessible.

How can Cottn Marketing agency support you in your ecommerce copywriting?​

As a copywriting agency, we support you in writing texts that sell, inform and educate. We work on all types of texts in your ecommerce (home page, product sheets, presentation of your brand, blog articles), but also advertising texts or texts adapted to the networks.

How does it work concretely?

At the beginning of the project, we spend the necessary time to learn everything that is essential to write a good copy: your consumers, your products and your brand identity.

To be able to help you sell your products, we will trace their journey: from the origin of the materials, to the delivery to your customer, through the production method you use. We can then select the relevant elements that will allow us to tell the story of the product, focusing on the value you bring to your customers. All this with the aim of attracting, connecting and leading to the purchase.

At Cottn Marketing, we are committed to writing the best copy to make your brand shine.

  • Our texts transmit the DNA of your Slow Fashion brand.
  • We use a tone that best suits your brand personality and that of your audience.
  • Our mission is to humanize your brand with your texts that convey a clear message, emotion, values, authenticity, etc.
  • We take care of finding the balance between information and sales, selecting the information that is relevant for your readers.
  • Finally, our texts are attractive and suitable for quick reading on the internet.

So if you have a sustainable fashion brand and want to generate more sales using the magic of words, write to us!